Classic Paints

Classic Paints


Classic Paints, where Paint is not just Paint. We only use the highest quality raw materials and our quality control is managed with the utmost precision, making our products superior and long lasting. We do not sell price, but the highest quality paint as an investment. When you buy a quality product, on top of very competitive prices, you save time, frustration and years of not painting again and again and again. We manufacture, distribute and sell a complete range of products such as High Quality PVA, High Cover Acrylic, Super Acrylic, Sheen Acrylics, Roof Paints, Paving Paints, Enamels, Undercoats, Varnishes, Road Line Paint, Waterproofing Products and Anti-Fungal Paint. We tint all our products to your colour requirements and we boast with 20 standard roof colours.


Our products are specifically developed for Coastal Areas, but Perform just as well Inland. It can be used for Property Developments, Residential Dwellings, Offices, Factories, Hospitals, Shopping Malls and many more, making this the first choice for Interior Designers, Architects, Engineers, Property Developers and the Home Owner with Style.

The Market

On top of the best paints, Classic Paints has been manufacturing and distributing the Highest Quality Hygiene Products, Disinfectants and Sanitation Products for many years as a one-stop shop for the Trade as well as Retail Customers.


Due to a lack of knowledge, most consumers buy price when their property is in need of paint. As economies weaken, the CPI increases and money becomes a factor. It is not just buying paint anymore, but about saving in the long run. Buying price and not quality would cost you - you only get what you pay for. By coating your property with Classic Paints Superior Products is an Investment and would save you in the long run. There is no competitive products in the market.

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SATIN SILK™ 5 Litres

SATIN SILK™ 5 Litres

Classic Paint's 4th Birthday Celebration Offer!SATIN SILK™ is an affordable quality paint. For a Smo..

R305.00 R380.00 Ex Tax: R265.22

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