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A. Closed Loop Loyalty Programs

While many businesses have considered adding a loyalty system to their business model, most have been discouraged by the cost and administration involved. This type of loyalty system where you offer loyalty rewards to your own loyal customers is called a closed-loop loyalty system. Customers that own your loyalty card will only be able to use the card at your business and nowhere else. The pitfall of closed-loop loyalty systems are that customers have become used to this type of loyalty system and would often apply for them but never use them.

"Customers are no longer smart shoppers that are loyal, but loyal shoppers that are smart." Why should a customer have 50 loyalty cards in his/her wallet, when ONE can be enough? Loyalty shoppers have been conditioned to spend and accumulate points. The more points they accumulate the larger the reward, which is smart. Loyalty systems that do not offer large enough rewards are simply ignored and almost never used again.

The cost involved in launching your own loyalty system could be expensive, not to mention cost of the software, online hosting, marketing material, administration and more. Clickonit offers a unique solution that allows any business to have a loyalty system that offers rewards unlike any other loyalty system currently available.

B. The Clickonit Loyalty program™

The Clickonit Loyalty Program™ was designed for Clickonit's Clients. Advertisers and Participants obtain Membership of the Clickonit Consumer Network™. Clickonit rewards them with a “Cash Back” Loyalty Reward when they:

  •   •    advertise in any of the media offered;

  •   •    buy or sell any products offered by Clickonit;

  •   •    pay for any other service offered by Clickonit.

C. The Loop Opened

Due to market demand, the loop was opened where other businesses become Partners of the Clickonit Loyalty Rewards Program with numerous benefits. Participating Partners:

  •   •    retain own Loyal Clients;

  •   •    reward own Loyal Clients;

  •   •    tap in to an Existing Loyalty Program;

  •   •    enjoy Exposure with an Established Brand;

  •   •    Clickonit acts as Marketing and Sales Agent;

  •   •    become Team Leader of own Consumer Network Team.

D. Clickonit Products

In terms of the Clickonit Loyalty Program, Members earn Cash Back from Clickonit when:

  •   •    advertising in any Printed Media;

  •   •    advertising in the Online Business Directory;

  •   •    hosting their Business Website with Clickonit;

  •   •    supporting Clickonit for design of any Artwork;

  •   •    joining the Clickonit Business Network South Africa;

  •   •    attending any Networking Event or Function hosted by Clickonit.

E. Residual Income

The Clickonit Loyalty Program does not only offer a platform to reward loyal clients, but offers Participating Partners the Opportunity to:

  •   •    build a network of their loyal clients;

  •   •    offer its Loyal Clients an Income Opportunity;

  •   •    earn a residual income when they support Clickonit;

  •   •    earn a residual income when their Network supports Clickonit;

  •   •    earn a residual income when they support other Participating Partners;

  •   •    earn a residual income when their Network supports other Participating Partners.

H. Who can Join?

  •   •    Businesses;

  •   •    Consumers;

  •   •    Business Neworks;

  •   •    Business Chambers;

  •   •    Churches;

  •   •    Schools.

  •   •    Welfare Organizations.

F. Who can Benefit?

The Clickonit Loyalty Program does not only offer huge benefits to Businesses, or a platform to reward loyal clients, but Members and Businesses can elect their favourite Charity, Church or Welfare organization to receive part or all of their income.