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A. Introduction

Clickonit is The Marketing and Exposure Investment Company® and Online Business Network with its Head Office in George, South Africa. Clickonit utilizes several media platforms such as Printed Media, Outdoor Media, The Internet, Mobile Technology and Social Media in a unique combined way to offer the maximum exposure to its Partners, Members and Advertisers. Clickonit increases participation with targeted campaigns that extends Businesses and Event exposure further than normally possible. Clickonit delivers multi-channel monetization and marketing solutions that simply do more.

B. Marketing Program

Clickonit’s Marketing Program introduces events to new participants and visitors by grabbing their attention via channels that are completely unique to the industry. We have spent over a decade growing our community of active participants and connecting them with Businesses and Events at the perfect time. Clickonit’s Marketing Program is unique and includes a suite of advanced marketing tools available for any Business Venture or Event.

C. Brand Awareness

While everyone else creates gadgets and widgets, Clickonit creates brand breakthrough. Through its marketing suites, Clickonit fosters brand awareness and identifies and utilizes the most effective methods to get the message seen and heard.

D. Marketing Tools

Printed Media

The Clickonit Business Promoter™ is an A5 booklet that is published and distributed on a monthly basis in the Garden Route. A link to the Online Version is send to more than 25 000 Subscribers. This publication is also streamlined and custom designed for different businesses, events and shows and has been the official publication of the George Old Car Show for the last 7 years. 10 000 are printed and distributed monthly and/or at any particular Event.

The advantages are numerous

  •   •    The Business Promoter is distributed by hand

  •   •    You save on planning, printing and distribution

  •   •    Our Publications are published in print and on-line

  •   •    The Business Promoter is usually kept and collected by recipients

  •   •    As an anthology of pamphlets, the exhibitors save on printing

The Snuffelgids™ - Garden Route Wheels™ is an A5 booklet that is published and distributed on a monthly basis in the Garden Route. 4 000 are printed and distributed.

Online Exposure

Clickonit has everything that is needed for the ultimate exposure including a wide range of optimized ad units flexible targeting opportunities. Clickonit is passionate about finding solutions and giving its clients the support they need to achieve their goals and more. Clickonit is driven to be the best self-service advertising network. Designed and tested for peak performance, created for powerful versatility.

Businesses can list on www.clickonit.co.za’s searchable Business Finder, which attracts more than 8 million+ unique annual visitors who are searching for businesses and things to do. The Clickonit Online Business and Tourism Directory is automatically mobile optimized.

Listing Packages

There are three packages available for Businesses to list

  •   •    Basic

  •   •    Ultimate

  •   •    Participating Partner Package

  • Benefits

    •   •    Affordable

    •   •    Brand Image

    •   •    Network Platform

    •   •    Targeted Audience

    •   •    Search Engine Optimization

    •   •    Generating Traffic to your Website

    •   •    Most Visited Business Annual Award

    •   •    Highest Rated Business Annual Award

    •   •    Could include Own Url and Mail Boxes

    •   •    Businesses in Network support Each Other

    •   •    Hosting and Redirecting to On-Line Directory

    •   •    Premium Listing Includes Video Snippet of Your Business

    •   •    Premium Listing Includes Photo Galleries of Your Business

    •   •    Rating done by Consumer Network, Other Business and Clients

    Mass Mail Campaigns

  •   •    We include events and expos in our mass mail campaigns to our subscribers and advertisers;

  •   •    We have more than 25 000 active recipients;

  •   •    We could also include your database in our mailing campaigns. (Subject to Privacy, T and C's)

  • Social Media

    Events are shared on our Social Media Pages. We do however offer a full on tailor made Social Media Service.

    Outdoor Media

    Not only do we reach mass audiences with Outdoor Advertising, but it also allows for targeting specific communities, ethnic groups, ages, income levels, etc. The continuous presence of Outdoor Advertising produces frequency levels unmatched by any other medium. Unlike other media, outdoor cannot be turned off, tuned out, or thrown away by the consumer. Adverts on billboards are free to consumers; nobody has to buy a magazine, television, or newspaper to see your advertisement.

  •   •    Posters

  •   •    Banners

  •   •    Sign Boards

  • Media Design

    We offer a comprehensive graphic design service and specialise in the art of communication. Our professional designers create solutions that simply work. Whether print or web we'll take care of developing the personality of your brand or creating custom designed pieces based on your current branding or desire. Our designs include, but are not limited to:

  •   •    Advertisements

  •   •    Posters

  •   •    Logos

  •   •    Banners

  •   •    Signage

  •   •    Business Cards

  •   •    Vehicle Branding

  • Other Services

  •   •    Event Planning

  •   •    Event Organizing

  •   •    Event Safety Planning

  •   •    Event Management

  •   •    Selling of Exhibition Space

  •   •    Advertising Video Production.

  • Commitment

    Clickonit is involved in several Events and Expos. Clickonit is a member of the George Business Chamber and is committed to Economic Growth, Business Opportunities, Entrepreneurship, Job Creation and Sustainment.

    Some of our Success Stories

    It is a well known fact that Clickonit literally "Drives" visitors to Businesses, Festivals, Expos, and Functions. See more of our achievements in our Galleries

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    Advertisers join the Clickonit Consumer Network and earn Cash Back Rewards on own Investment.

    This is only a summary of our business services and benefits. By now you should agree why it makes good business sense just to:

    Contact Clickonit Now!