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About Us

The Clickonit Loyalty Mall™ was formed and incorporated as part of the Clickonit Loyalty Rewards Program™. The Clickonit Loyalty Mall™ was formed from the idea of empowering consumers to save money and to make money with our unique Clickonit Loyalty Card. When individual consumers join together to form a "buyers club" it creates real group buying power and enables consumers to save money and shop conveniently.

The Clickonit Loyalty Mall™ is an innovative on-line virtual shopping centre bringing together the popular aspects of physical shopping with the ease and comfort of on-line shopping. We assist retailers to solve the gap between on-line retail and physical shopping centres using our virtual shopping platform. In stead of having hundred's of individual on-line shopping sites, Clickonit has developed the Clickonit Loyalty Mall™ for the convenience of its existing Participating Partners™ as well as its Cardholders.

Potential buyers do not have to be Cardholders, but Cardholders do earn Cash-Back when supporting any of the Merchants on the Clickonit Loyalty Mall™. To get a Clickonit Loyalty Card and earn Cash Back when supporting Clickonit and our Participating Partners go to:

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