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Advertising takes a large slice of a business’s budget cake, yes it does have tax advantages, but most businesses are cutting down on cost. Usually insurance and advertising costs are reduced first. Unfortunately these should be increased. Businesses cannot afford not to have the ultimate exposure, and others cannot afford the cost to have. Advertising is an expensive exercise and businesses get more professional every hour.

There are literally thousands of advertising media out there – the ideal would be to have some exposure in all media as some big brands like Coca Cola do, but is not always viable or affordable. It is a well known fact that it costs more to acquire new customers than it does to retain existing ones. Studies have shown that it costs up to six to seven times as much to acquire a new customer. That alone is good reason for businesses to focus on strengthening customer relationships with a compelling Loyalty Program.

The cost involved in launching your own loyalty system could be expensive, not to mention the cost of the software, online hosting, marketing material, marketing, administration and much more. With our performance-based loyalty program, you avoid the risk of spending large amounts that are ineffective.

Retention of Clients

Loyalty Programs have the potential to significantly Retain Existing Customers. They encourage customers to buy more, more often and share their enthusiasm about your brand with others. In today’s competitive marketplace, customer loyalty is something that most brands can’t do without.

The Clickonit Loyalty Program is based on Network Marketing and offers Loyal Clients not only an opportunity to earn Cash Back Rewards when supporting Clickonit or any of its Participating Partners, but also offers the client an income opportunity. Consumers are motivated to build a network of friends, family and other prospective clients. Our Motto is: "Get In - Get 10®". If 100 of your Loyal Customers each Get In and get 10 new members in your Consumer Network Team, You have 1000 new potential Clients, excluding the other potential teams of other Participating Partners in The Clickonit Consumer Network. That is 100 Representatives that are not on your payroll!

Basic Advantages of The Clickonit Loyalty Program™

  •   •    Managed by Clickonit;
  •   •    Designed by Clickonit;
  •   •    A South African Product;
  •   •    Attracts New Customers;
  •   •    Keep Existing Customers;
  •   •    Keeping Local Spending Local;
  •   •    Experience Ultimate Exposure;
  •   •    Increased Customer Spending;
  •   •    Clickonit also Partner's Sales Agent;
  •   •    Partners Enter the Direct Selling Market.

Direct Selling

Member companies of the South African Direct Selling Association (DSA) generated R10,93 billion in sales in 2015, up from R9,66 billion in 2014, That is an increase of 13.1% indicating the industry’s growth prospects even in challenging economic times. There can be no question that the direct selling industry assists enormously in creating income earning opportunities for anyone who has the desire to and is prepared to work. That is R10.93 Billion from the main stream – in the name of convenient shopping. By utilizing the Clickonit Loyalty Rewards Programme™, this revenue can return to the formal trade. Clickonit now acts not only as mediator for the business network, but also provides an online and offline platform for businesses and shopping networks.

There can be no question that the direct selling industry assists enormously in creating income earning opportunities for anyone who has the desire and is prepared to work. The only barrier is self-motivation and commitment. You can to build a Consumer Network and earn money when the Consumer Network supports Clickonit or any other Participating Partner.

Participating Partner Benefits

  •   •    Minimal upfront cash investment;
  •   •    Personalized Branding;
  •   •    Part of a National Group;
  •   •    Transaction Recording Software provided;
  •   •    Clickonit Manages Back End;
  •   •    No risk involved – no transaction – no payment;
  •   •    Receive Cash back from Clickonit Printed Media;
  •   •    Cut back on Big Discounts;
  •   •    Cut back on special promotions;
  •   •    Business joins Network;
  •   •    Business signs up personnel in Network;
  •   •    Personnel sign up Clients;
  •   •    Clients treated with respect and loyalty;
  •   •    Business Idea Unique and Copyrighted.

These are some of the reasons why it makes good business sense for a business owner to become part of the Clickonit Consumer Network™

Participating Partner Package Includes

  •   •    Attendance to Networking Meetings*;
  •   •    Exposure on the established Clickonit Portal;
  •   •    Cash Back when advertising in Printed Media*;
  •   •    Branded Online Cardholder Registration Software;
  •   •    On-Site and In-Store Display and Marketing Material;
  •   •    Clickonit Loyalty Program™ Recording Software License;
  •   •    Banner Ads with Link on the Clickonit Online Business Directory;
  •   •    Preferred Exposure on the web directory www.clickonads.co.za;
  •   •    Branded Participating E Card - Partner Supplies Logo and Artwork;
  •   •    Exposure in the Participating Partner section on www.clickonit.co.za;
  •   •    Attendance to a one day Training Seminar in George for two people (Excludes Travelling and accommodation)*.

Franchises and National Groups Welcome.

*Subject to Availability and Area.

Basic Requirements

  •   •    Once-Off Registration and Set-Up Fee;
  •   •    AFT™ (Advertising Fee per Transaction - Performance Marketing) Payable on successful Transactions Only;
  •   •    Permanent Internet Access;
  •   •    Computer, Ipad or Smart Phone;
  •   •    Subject to Approval by Clickonit;
  •   •    Subject to T&C's and a 5 Year Agreement.


  •   •    Consumer Membership is subject to Terms & Conditions and the Clickonit Rules that can be viewed in the Cardholder Dashboard;
  •   •    Participating Partners cannot recruit Participating Partners.


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