A registered Non Profit Company that strives to make a difference and assist those in need where possible.

A joint effort by Clickonit, It's Participating Partners, Advertisers, Network Members and the Public.


In today's Rat - Race most people are on a journey to nowhere; Struggling to make ends meet, stressing out about deadlines and budgets, or sometimes blinded by their circumstances so much so that they do not realize that there are others in need.

We do not always know about the disruption of family lives in case of an unplanned personal disaster.

  •     People lose their income;

  •     Some are deprived of their homes;

  •     Others lose their loved ones;

  •     Some are Hi-Jacked;

  •     Others Get Divorced.

Clickonit Cares makes a Difference. When disasters occur, everybody cares after those in distress, but hardly ever those who assist are feeded and supported; Clickonit Cares feed those in need where possible; Homeless people are a major issue, Clickonit Cares is constantly in aid of them and searching for solutions for this problem.

Everybody believes that drug abuse will never happen to any of us! Clickonit Cares are actively campaigning against drug abuse and is educating parents, schools and businesses about this problem and when to know when red lights are flickering.

There are many unforeseen circumstances and events in day to day life. Many people do not realize that when things are going well, that there others who are suffering without hope. Clickonit Cares was established to bring hope!