Currently only some businesses are able to assist the Drought Disaster Fund.

Agri Help™ enables more Businesses and the Public to Contribute.


South Africa remains in the grip of its worst drought in decades. The South African Weather Service announced that 2015 was the driest year on record and it shows no sign of abating. Those records date back to 1904.

The South African Government has intervened in the form of support programmes to provide boreholes, water, fodder, garden tools and food parcels to support farmers. But, farmers who are now drowning in debt are thankful, but say the help is not enough.

Farmers have their highest-ever debt of more than R125bn with South African banks at a time when a drought, caused by the lowest rainfall on record, is withering maize fields and discouraging the planting of crops.


Senwes and Agri SA have joined forces to establish a Drought Disaster Fund to provide assistance to farmers especially on humanitarian level.


If Farmers do not sustain, we have a disaster. Food Security is jeopardized, Food Prices Rise and Poverty is at hand!


Agri SA and several other organizations have called upon businesses to assist. Most businesses might want to assist, but cannot afford to. Clickonit has developed the AGRI HELP initiative as part of its Loyalty Program™ to enable almost everybody to contribute.


Your Business joins the Clickonit Consumer Network as a Participating Partner and Business Leader under the AGRI HELP TEAM for a nominal fee.

Your regular clients and prospective clients join the Network as members of your Team free of charge. They are issued with a Membership Number and an E-Card. When they support Your Business, Clickonit or any of these Participating Partners, an Advertising Fee™ per Transaction (Referral Fee) is paid to Clickonit. Clickonit distributes a portion of all the AFT's received to the Network as Cash-Back Rewards. You receive Cash Back Rewards on your network when your Network supports Clickonit or any other Participating Partner.

Agri-Help, as Team Member of the Clickonit Consumer Network™ receives Cash-Back rewards on all transactions in it's Network. These rewards are paid directly to the Drought Disaster Fund.

Clickonit will contribute ten percent of all registration fees of the Participating Partners joining in the Agri-Help Network, to the Drought Disaster Fund.

Not only do we support the farmers in need, but we are also creating opportunities for businesses and the public to supplement their income!

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